Saving the world is a marketing problem

Sparx Publishing Group can help solve it. We're in the business of creating purpose-driven marketing solutions and content to make the world better. Amplify your impact story with Sparx.

Our Marketing Services, Tailored for Your Purpose

  • Branding

    Develop an established, or revamped, brand identity and consistent brand voice.

  • Strategy

    Resolve concerns and amplify your brand with effective marketing solutions that are based on current data and trends.

  • Design

    Look your very best with aesthetically pleasing visuals and layouts that showcase your brand identity.

  • Social Media

    Create buzz and start conversations with eye-catching social media posts, complete with striking visuals and engaging captions.

  • SEO

    Stand out every time with marketing materials that make use of popular search terms and keywords.

  • CRM

    Stay in the know about current interactions with your clientele and develop new relationships with potential customers.

  • Advertising

    Raise brand awareness and garner all the right attention from your target audiences with creative advertising campaigns.

  • Websites

    Create or refresh your website to be on brand, dynamic, and high quality.

  • Analytics

    Meet your marketing objectives with data and numbers, which always tells a story and helps develop tailored solutions.

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Marketing Thought Leadership Blog

  • Make The World Better Magazine Impact Update 2023

    • Impact Inspiration & Initiatives /
    • Make The World Better Magazine /

    Dive in to discover the impact of Make The World Better Magazine, including engagement and stats, distribution and milestones, and participant testimonials.

    • Impact Inspiration & Initiatives /
    • Make The World Better Magazine /
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  • Key Takeaways from the Summit on Responsible Investment

    • Events /
    • Impact Inspiration & Initiatives /

    We were excited to participate in the Summit on Responsible Investment 2023 in Kelowna this summer. Dive in to discover our highlights, including professionals we met and insights we gained, takeaways from the Dr. Victoria Hurth keynote and our Make The World Better panel, and the tangible impact of the event.

    • Events /
    • Impact Inspiration & Initiatives /
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