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Sparx’s Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving Guide: 25 Eco-Friendly and Zero-Waste Gift Ideas for 2023

Get inspired with our Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving Guide and discover romantic ideas that will have a positive impact on your sweetheart and the planet.

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Whether it’s romantic love for your partner, love for family and friends, or your devotion to a cause, love makes the world better. It motivates us to do better, to work harder, to grow in understanding, to act with compassion, and to share ourselves and what we have with others.

In celebration of love and its ability to amplify good, Sparx has created another sustainable gift-giving guide, this time for Valentine’s Day gifts that will help express your love while supporting the environment and other wonderful causes. Because nothing says heartfelt like a gift with real impact.


1. Treat Them to Something Sweet 

Sustainable alternatives to decadent delights. 

Image: Drizzle

Drizzle Cacao Luxe Raw Honey: This all-natural, sustainably sourced, bee-friendly, allergen-free, Canadian-made honey has a chocolatey twist and a delicious chocolate-covered strawberry recipe. Plus, it’s made by a women-owned, certified B Corporation.

Pukka Love Tea: This soothing and fragrant tea will touch the heart of your beloved in more ways than one. Pukka is part of 1% for the Planet, Fair for Life certified, Soil Association organic certified, and B Corp certified.

Raaka Chocolate Valentine’s Day Collection: Choose from a variety of ethical and unique non-GMO, vegan, certified organic, and kosher treats to share with your beloved. Raaka crafts its single-source chocolate in small batches and practices transparent trade – its supply chain process is even integrated into its packaging

Ritual Chocolate Après Chocolate Bar: This 70% dark chocolate bar is infused with sparkling white wine and topped with raspberries. Best of all, the chocolate is vegan and ethically sourced, the packaging is fully recyclable, and the company is working toward net-zero and fully solar-powered goals. Also purchasable from impact-driven Canadian vendor The Better Good

Southbrook Wine Valentine’s Day Bundle: Canadian-made, this romantic bundle of organic wines and condiments is made by Southbrook Organic Vineyards, a company with numerous certifications, including Demeter, Ecocert Canada, LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario, and VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) for grape wines.

T.Kettle Loose Leaf Teas: Make your loved one a (heart)warming cup of certified kosher, vegan, organic, and 100% Fair Trade Strawberry Fondue Tea from T.Kettle, a values-driven company.

2. Pamper Them 

Gifts that feel good and do good.

Encircled Renew Sleep Mask: Help your loved one relax with this eco-friendly Tencel™ Lyocell and recycled polyester fleece sleep mask, made by a Toronto-based, certified B Corporation. 

Harlow Salty Soak Bath Salts: These vegan bath salts are made from Saskatchewan Red Salt, smell intoxicatingly of flowers, and come in a compostable pouch. Plus, Vancouver-based company Harlow sources from social enterprises like Hives for Humanity.

Image: Old Soul Soap Company

Old Soul Company Sweetheart Collection: Pamper your soulmate with this ethical and sustainable, all-natural collection, which includes its Be Mine soap, Be Mine heart-shaped bath bomb, Be Mine massage & body oil, tea light candles, and lip balm. 

Sequoia Soap Sets: Made by 100% Indigenous women-owned and -operated brand Sequoia, the Sweet Blends and Night Sky Four Soap Gift Sets are beautiful, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

Yukon Soap Wild Side Shave Soap: This sustainable, handcrafted shave soap is made by Indigenous-owned and -operated brand Yukon Soap, which is on a mission to make the world better by supporting economic diversification and empowering, nurturing, and elevating Northern Indigenous cultures, communities, and people.

3. Bring Them “Flowers”

Lasting gifts that serve as wonderful alternatives to classic perfumes and bouquets.

Image: Goodee

All Things Being Eco Organic Rose Geranium Bulk Essential Oil: This fragrant oil is Natural Organic Program (NOP) certified and sold by a purpose-driven BC-Based company that’s on a mission to make the world better through offering organic, ethically-produced, and locally-sourced products.

Goodee The Floral Kits: With this sustainable kit from B Corp certified Goodee, your valentine has everything they need to grow and shape their own bouquets. Plus, this kit supports multiple causes, including marginalized communities, gender advocacy, and community engagement.

Flowerink Plantable Tandem Love Greeting Card: You and your valentine can watch your love blossom with this plantable seed paper card, made from 100% recycled content. Plus, these cards are Canadian-made by a company that donates to health and environmental organizations.

Le Comptoir Aroma Love Pebble Essential Oil Diffuser Stones: These 100% natural heart and rose-shaped diffuser stones are made by a Canadian family-run business that uses recyclable and recycled materials, along with other eco-friendly practices.

Mala the Brand Candles: Check the classic romance boxes with bouquet or rosebud candles that are sustainably packaged and hand-poured in small batches by a Vancouver-based brand. Plus, a tree is planted for every candle purchased.

Recycled Ideas Pink Seed Paper Flowers Valentines Day Gift Box Set: These flowers are made from plantable seed paper and packaged in a box that can be used as a personal greenhouse. You can also find them on etsy.

Wild Coast Perfumes Floral Collection: Made with pure, all-natural, sustainably-harvested ingredients from Vancouver island, these perfumes smell beautifully of flowers and come in recyclable bottles with no plastic overwraps. Plus, $1 per every 50ml bottle sold in the perfumery goes to the Ancient Forest Alliance.

4. Get Them Ready for Date Night

Beautiful gifts that protect the beauty of the environment.

Image: Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty Sustain Lip Kit (Red): This gorgeous, low-waste, consciously-sourced lip kit is made by Cheekbone Beauty, a values-driven, Indigenous-owned and -operated, Certified B Corporation that’s part of 1% for the Planet and donates to multiple causes. Check out this guide for recycling its lipstick

Elate Refillable Cosmetic Cases: These fully customizable cosmetic cases are recyclable, made from bamboo, and sustainably packaged. Plus, Elate donates 2% of its profits to causes that share its values every year: 1% to social and 1% to environmental initiatives.

Luna & Rose Recycled Silver Heart Necklace: Ethically crafted, this heart-shaped necklace is made from recycled sterling silver by a company that is part of 1% for the Planet.

Treats Designs Tagua Valentine Heart Pendant: Made from sustainable tagua, with natural dyes and a tumble-until-they-shine method, these pendants are created by a BC-based artist. They are also available for purchase through sustainable, Vancouver-based Hemp & Company.

5. Spend Quality Time with Them

Want a truly zero waste alternative? Consider giving your valentine the gift of experience — because nothing takes the single out of single-use more than creating lasting memories. 

There are plenty of sustainable ways to engage in quality time with your beloved. For example, you could go for a picnic using sustainable items, such as beeswax food wraps, zero waste bamboo cutlery, and reusable storage bags, and have a beautiful, waste-free moment that has a truly positive impact.


Would You Be Our Valentine?

Are you engaging in purpose-driven efforts to make the world better? We (not-so-secretly) admire that. Contact us for a free marketing consultation. We would love to gift wrap your message and help deliver it to your audience.

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