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30+ Wellbeing Economy Resources for Purpose-Driven Organizations

The Wellbeing Economy is a purpose-first model that places people and planet at the centre, ensuring long-term sustainability for all. We’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to learn more about the Wellbeing Economy, strengthen your purpose-driven organization, and take active steps toward building collective wellbeing. Check out this guide to get started.

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The transition to the Wellbeing Economy, a purpose-first model that places people and planet at the centre, is critically important to creating lasting positive change in the world, especially at the systems level. It’s a journey that will require collaborative action from purpose-driven organizations and changemakers around the world, striving toward long-term sustainability for all.

Keep scrolling to enjoy impactful resources that will help you learn more about the Wellbeing Economy and the role of governance, leadership, and purpose-driven businesses, and take action toward long-term sustainability for all.

Resources from Changemakers Featured in Make The World Better Magazine 

Check out these resources from individuals and organizations that have been featured in Make The World Better Magazine.

Canadian Purpose Economy Project – A Call to Purpose: Take action toward wellbeing with Canada Purpose Economy Project’s invitation to become a social purpose leader in Canada and sign the pledge.

Canadian Purpose Economy Project – Purpose Perception Survey: CPEP has created several survey questions for organizations to use to discover how stakeholders and employees perceive their progress toward achieving purpose.

David Suzuki Foundation – Wellbeing Economies: The David Suzuki Foundation has engaged in a project to support the transition to the Wellbeing Economy. Here they provide helpful resources and insights, including information on the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Canada (WEAll Can), community stories, expert views, and core principles to help everyone live out wellbeing.

Inspired Villages – Submit Your Way to Enjoy Retirement: Take part in Inspired Village’s 101 Ways to Enjoy Getting Older Campaign by submitting tips and feedback that will help the UK’s aging population live with purpose.

NATIVA – Purpose Driven Buildings: A Holistic Approach to the Wellbeing of Humans and the Planet: Learn about the role buildings play in sustainability and wellbeing, and discover frameworks, protocols, and criteria that will help us go beyond compliance to build a more sustainable world. The article also includes success stories that demonstrate these practices in action.

Network of Wellbeing – Wellbeing Books We’ve Found Inspiring: Network of Wellbeing shares their reading list, filled with inspiring books about purpose, sustainability, and the wellbeing of people and planet.

Network of Wellbeing – Building Wellbeing Together: Wellbeing for Future Generations: This webinar recording will help changemakers make strides on their Wellbeing Economy journey as they uncover strategies for supporting long-term wellbeing for all.

Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti – Wellbeing Economy: Success in a World Without Growth: Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti, Founding Director of the Institute for Sustainability at the University of Surrey (UK); a member of the Club of Rome; and a former member of Parliament and Minister of Education, University, and Research in Italy, shares invaluable insights in his book, including real-life examples and innovative research that support the need to break free from our current economic models and place collective wellbeing at the centre.

The Purpose Business – The Purpose Litmus Test: 3 Surefire Ways to Activation: In this article, The Purpose Business provides a three-point litmus test to help organizations determine if their purpose is actionable and relevant to stakeholders.

The Purpose Business – Measuring Your Impact With the SDGs: Pat Dwyer, Founder and Director of The Purpose Business, made a guest appearance on the #impact Podcast to discuss how organizations can measure their impact. Along with sharing the recording, The Purpose Business has provided a summary of key takeaways from the episode.

Scottish Government – Wellbeing Economy Toolkit: Supporting Place Based Economic Strategy and Policy Development: The Scottish Government has provided a toolkit to help organizations better understand the Wellbeing Economy, learn how to develop their Wellbeing Economy story, monitor and evaluate wellbeing outcomes, and more. The toolkit includes action steps and case studies for each phase, along with a list of evidence resources.

Therme Group – Urban Wellness Infrastructure Builds the Future of Cities: This article explores the critical need to integrate wellness infrastructure in urban settings and provides examples of organizations that have made wellbeing their purpose.

Therme Group – Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing: In this publication, Therme Group shares research on wellbeing in urban contexts and argues that we need interconnectivity to overcome the inequalities and negative impacts of city living and usher in wellbeing for all.

Dr. Victoria Hurth – The Purpose Led Economy: In the opening keynote at the Canadian Securities Exchange’s Summit on Responsible Investment 2023, hosted in collaboration with Sparx, Dr. Victoria Hurth, global expert; thought leader in sustainability, ESG, and purpose governance; and Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Fellow, described the need to transition to the Wellbeing Economy, how purpose-driven organizations can help unleash meaningful work and lives, and the importance of good governance.

Dr. Victoria Hurth – Unleashing the Sustainable Business: Co-authored by Dr. Victoria Hurth, these papers explore organizational culture, purpose-driven governance, purpose-driven approaches to business, how purpose transforms organizations, and how all of these factors contribute toward long-term sustainability for all. 

Wellbeing Economy Alliance Canada – Newsletter Signup: WEAll Can aims to bring together individuals and organizations to design a new economic system for Canada that is purpose-built and focused on wellbeing for people and planet. Sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on news, events, and resources and to become a part of this growing community.

Resources from Other Changemakers

The Club of Rome – 21st Century Wellbeing Economics: The Road to Recovery, Renewal & Resilience: In the wake of COVID-19 and amidst the rising need for economic recovery, the Club of Rome sets out the need for Europe’s transition to the Wellbeing Economy and shares learnings and insights, wellbeing measurement tools, and recommendations that will help drive this shift.

Economy is Care Short Film: Watch this beautifully-animated film for a thought-provoking look at what the economy should provide for everyone, the inequalities that exist, how the past and present have shaped our current economy, and the benefits we would all experience if care, our needs, and collective wellbeing were at the centre.

Innate Motion – How to Optimize the Wellbeing Machine: Dr. Victoria Hurth joins Benoit Beaufils of Innate Motion and Shad Raouf, podcast host, to discuss how purpose-driven organizations can focus on impact while making a profit, along with the need to transform our economy from profit-first to purpose-first.

ISO Technical Committee 309 – ISO 37000:2021 Governance of organizations — Guidance: As the first international benchmark for good governance, ISO 37000 provides organizations and their governing bodies with the tools they need to govern well, placing purpose, sustainability, and society at the heart of governance.

Local Futures Podcast – Love, Values, and Wellbeing Economies: Tune in to this podcast to learn about the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) from former Executive Director Diego Isabel La Moneda, and its focus on bringing everyone together on an international level to drive the Wellbeing Economy movement, the importance of having the right values, and how localization fits into the movement.

OECD – Improving the Well-Being of Canadians: Venture into the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s library to learn about Canada’s wellbeing scores, the challenges Canada needs to overcome, and recommendations to help improve collective wellbeing.

PAS 808: Purpose-Driven Organisations: Worldviews, Principles and Behaviours: This groundbreaking standard is a great tool for organizations, policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders. Along with examining what it means to be a purpose-driven organization, it also serves as a basis for developing strategies and approaches to enact and embed purpose, aligning purpose with decision-making, and ensuring accountability.

Stories for Life: Enjoy exploring this collaborative and unique website. Broken up into chapters, it offers insight into the power stories have to shape a Wellbeing Economy and a better world, while providing a library of sources and free downloadable assets.

United Way BC Social Purpose Institute – Propelling the Canadian Purpose Economy: A Framework for Action: Compiled by the United Way BC Social Purpose Institute, this ebook captures powerful insights into social purpose business in Canada and the Framework for Action, including Canada’s purpose priorities, key drivers, steps to activate the framework, and more.

United Way BC Social Purpose Institute – Social Purpose Procurement Toolkit for Social Purpose Companies: With this toolkit, procurement teams will learn how to find social purpose suppliers and raise awareness for existing suppliers, as well as to enjoy case studies of social purpose procurement in action.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance – Participate in the Movement: Want to contribute to the Wellbeing Economy? Discover exciting ways you can participate in the movement, including becoming a member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll). 

Wellbeing Economy Alliance – Zero Waste in a Wellbeing Economy: Get inspired with case studies that demonstrate ways to build a zero-waste world and discover how the five Rs (Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, and Restoring) can set us on the path toward a circular and regenerative Wellbeing Economy.

Sparx PG’s Resources 

How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Impact Organization: Check out our blog for advice on how purpose-driven organizations can market their impact, from setting the right goals and reaching the right audiences to measuring success.

How to Set SMART Goals in Cause Marketing: Measuring impact is invaluable for building a better world and ensuring you’re on track to achieve your purpose. Read on to discover how setting SMART goals can help you ensure your mission-aligned marketing amplifies your purpose and learn how you can apply these goals to specific channels and campaigns.

3 Marketing Best Practices for Your B Corporation: Certified B Corporations are committed to a better way of business that can help achieve long-term sustainability for all. These three marketing best practices will help B Corps tell their purpose-driven stories and amplify their impact.

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