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25+ Resources That Will Amplify Your Efforts to Make the World Better

Amplifying good is a central part of our mission. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to give your purpose-driven efforts a boost or become an amplifier for causes that matter to you. Check out this guide to get started.

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Everyone has a part to play in making the world better. Whether you’re looking to influence positive change through social media, make a difference at your workplace, and/or support or advocate for a cause, or you’re looking for ways to make meaningful changes in your everyday life, these resources will help amplify your own efforts or those of others doing good.

Resources From Organizations Featured in Make the World Better Magazine

Check out these resources and supplementary content from individuals and organizations featured in this issue of Make The World Better Magazine.

Asparagus Magazine – Submission Guidelines: Apply to share your purpose-driven stories about individuals and organizations working to make the world better, sustainable living tips, and environmental and social justice. Underrepresented voices are a priority and both aspiring and established writers are encouraged to apply.

Brown Girl Green – Green Jobs Board: Looking for a job where you can actively help make the world better? Or perhaps you’re an employer looking to find someone with a real passion for purpose? Check out Brown Girl Green’s Green Jobs Board to find and submit jobs in policy, tourism, education, media, and more.

David Suzuki Foundation – Building Bridges for Climate Action: Engagement Strategies for Millennials: Amplify your environmental advocacy efforts with this guide, designed to help increase your understanding of how millennials engage with climate change so you can create effective engagement strategies.

David Suzuki Foundation – Community Engagement Toolkit: Grow your environmental initiatives and personal impact with this dual-language toolkit, filled with ideas for collective and individual action, steps for getting started, and networks, resources, and tools for every step of your journey.

Intersectional Environmentalist’s Leah Thomas – The Intersectional Environmentalist: How To Dismantle Systems of Oppression To Protect People and Planet: Dive into this novel by Leah Thomas, Founder and Values Officer of Intersectional Environmentalist, to learn more about the link between environmental justice and civil rights, and discover actionable strategies for protecting people and planet.

Intersectional Environmentalist – Reimagining Food Justice and Food Sovereignty Toolkit: With this digital toolkit, increase your understanding of food justice and food sovereignty, and discover steps for taking action, including ways to amplify community-based initiatives.

Love Food Hate Waste Canada – Tips Board: Promote efforts to eliminate food waste by sharing food-saving tips and stories, or visit the board for actionable recipes and advice to make positive changes in your kitchen.

Not My Problem – Sustainable Brand Database: Naman Bajaj provides paid Not My Problem subscribers with a Sustainable Brand Database they can use to find brands across the globe and across a range of industries, from cleaning products to apparel and more, that have verifiable sustainable practices. A seven-day trial is available.

RIPPLE of CHANGE – Contribution Form: Share your impact story or help amplify organizations and initiatives with RIPPLE of CHANGE’s (ROC) nomination form. On this page, you can also answer ROC’s call for writers.

RIPPLE of CHANGE – Start a Ripple: Learn how you can start your own ripple of positive change with actionable lists across multiple categories, including activism, education, health, identity, and land, as well as recommended books that will help you take your purpose-driven journey to the next level.

Sage Initiative – Application Form: Apply to join the third Sage Initiative as a participant, sponsor, or mentor to learn more about impact investing, fund some good, and support Indigenous womxn.

Squirrel News – Podcast: Tune in to the Squirrel News podcast, hosted by Founder Jonathan Widder and Ed Crasnick, an Emmy-winning writer and comic from Los Angeles, to discover solutions for positive change and get inspired by guests who are making the world better.

Sustainability Advantage – 7 Ways Companies Can Contribute to the SDGs: Learn how your company can help advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and amplify collective efforts toward the goals.

Sustainability Advantage – Master Slide Decks: Bob Willard, Founder of Sustainability Advantage, has over 900 slides for subscribers to use and tailor for their purposes, saving them time and resources. Enjoy in-depth content on sustainability in the business community, including frameworks, business cases, and more. 

Resources From Other Changemakers

ACE Hot Talks – Climate Influencers at COP26 With Kristy Drutman aka Brown Girl Green: Kristy Drutman, Founder of Brown Girl Green, joined Action for Climate Emergency’s Indy Howeth to share insights into how young people can use their creativity to help progress the climate movement on social media.

Amplify Good Podcast: Hosted by Aria Camaione-Lind, this inspiring podcast series shares stories of changemakers who are bringing their values to their work and driving positive change in their communities.

Arielle V. King’s – Environmental/Climate Justice and Liberation-Related Resource Recommendations: Arielle V. King, host of season one of Intersectional Environmentalist’s the Joy Report Podcast and Director of Programming for Black Girl Environmentalist, shares an extensive list of resources to help amplify environmental justice efforts.

Eco Ally – The Ultimate Guide to Killing It as a Sustainability Influencer: This comprehensive, eight-step guide provides sustainability influencers and aspiring influencers with detailed tips on how to make a real impact. 

Good Good Good – 37 Ways To Make a Difference in the World: Good Good Good’s guide offers 37 actionable ways individuals can help make the world better, from protecting the environment to using the internet to amplify good.

Giving Tuesday – Social Media Toolkit: Giving Tuesday happens every November. Learn how you can join this movement through your social media channels and spread some good.

Greater Good Charities – Get Involved: Amplify your mission to help people and planet with this resource from Greater Good Charities, which you can use to start a fundraiser, build a fundraising page, and launch a Facebook fundraiser. 

Influencer Intelligence – How to Work With Influencers for Purpose-Driven Marketing Report: Discover best practices for teaming up with an influencer to amplify your purpose-driven business with this downloadable report from Influencer Intelligence. 

National Screen Institute’s TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators: Indigenous influencers and Indigenous-owned small businesses can join this free accelerator to grow their community on TikTok, learn how to collaborate with brands, and learn skills and tools to make content creation a career.

Sparx PG’s Resources 

3 TED Talks to Inspire You to Make the World Better: Spark your inspiration with three talks that provide tips for remarkable storytelling, expanding your mission, and spreading good in the community.

How Companies Can Harness the Power of Technology and Social Media to do Good: Discover actionable ways your purpose-driven organization can amplify impact online.

How to Avoid “Rainbow-Washing” During Pride Month: Learn how to genuinely amplify 2SLGBTQIA+ voices and support the community during Pride Month and beyond.

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