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20+ Eco-Friendly and Zero-Waste Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2024

Show your love for people and planet with our sustainable Valentine’s Day gift-giving guide.

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Love is in the air. It inspires us to do a world of good and does us a world of good, too. And so we look to celebrate the people who have brought so much joy to our lives by giving them a gift that will bring them joy.

Unfortunately, gift-giving can have consequences that aren’t so lovely, as it can generate waste or negatively impact the environment. But there are ways to give that are both heartwarming and sustainable.

Experiences make for excellent (zero-waste) gifts. After all, who doesn’t love spending time with their special someone? Rather than purchasing something new, consider creating memories your Valentine will always cherish by planning eco-friendly activities. For example, you could…

  • Enjoy Nature: Go for a walk or (tandem) bike ride and explore together. You may discover new paths and places to visit, interesting wildlife, and beautiful scenery.
  • Volunteer: Team up and take action like a true power couple by cleaning up local parks, beaches, or shorelines; helping at soup kitchens and shelters; or finding another way to volunteer. 
  • Have a Sustainable Dinner Date: Enjoy a sustainable dinner date with your beloved by ordering a zero-waste surprise bag with the Too Good To Go app, using waste-prevention recipes from Love Food Hate Waste Canada, or find an eco-friendly restaurant in the Vancouver area with EcoMeter. Want to try making dessert together? Check out Susgrainable’s upcycled barley flour baking mixes or visit EMKAO Foods to get the ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients you need to make your own chocolate treats.
  • Go Thrifting: Visit thrift shops, flea markets, and secondhand stores together to enjoy browsing through unique previously-loved items. You never know what treasures you’ll uncover — you may even find a one-of-a-kind gift!

However, if you want to buy a gift for your beloved, have no fear! We’ve compiled several eco-friendly gift suggestions that will help express your love while supporting the environment and other wonderful causes. Because nothing says heartfelt like a gift with real impact.

Just a reminder: be sure to package your gifts responsibly! Gift wrap tends to produce a lot of waste. Go reusable wherever possible (reusable bags, furoshiki wraps, scarves, newspapers, etc.) or present your gift wrap-free. 

Books & Stationery

Mimi & August Valentine’s Day Cards – These eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Cards made from recycled paper are perfect for sending a heartfelt message to your beloved.

Raoul & Simone Bouquet Notebooks – Give a lasting bouquet with these floral-themed notebooks made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, produced using renewable energy, and have a recyclable velvet finish.

SproutWorld Pencils Spread the Love Edition – Let your love blossom with these regenerative plantable pencils, which are engraved with heartwarming quotes and contain various wildflower and herb seeds.

Sustainable Home by Christine Liu – Is your Valentine devoted to circular economy initiatives? Support their love with this practical guide to sustainable living so they can strengthen their commitment to the cause. Ebook options are available, and consider tracking down a previously loved copy and/or sharing with a friend for an extra eco-conscious touch!

Clothing & Apparel

Anne Mulaire Zero Waste Collection and Carbon Neutral Clothing Collection – Pick something unique, sustainable, and practical for your Valentine from these zero waste and carbon neutral collections by women-led, Indigenous-owned brand Anne Mulaire.

The Ocean Cleanup Recycled Sweatshirt – Show them your love is as deep as the ocean with this circular economy recycled sweatshirt. Or check out this page to donate to the Ocean Cleanup on behalf of your loved one and gift them a personalized donor certificate.

Province of Canada Recycled Socks – Help the homeless and give your Valentine a thoughtful gift that will have them walking on a cloud with these recycled cotton socks.

Sheppards Hook X Serena Wilson Stubson Collaboration necklaces – These collaboratively made eco-friendly, zero-waste necklaces are a unique and striking gift that will remain close to your beloved’s heart.

Food & Drink

Pluck Tea Valentine’s Day Teas – Find the perfect tea for your sweetie with Pluck Tea’s sustainably sourced and packaged Valentine’s collection.

Raven Rising Valentine’s Day Collection – Explore the Valentine’s Day collection and choose a beautiful and sustainable confection for your beloved from Indigenous women-owned and -operated brand Raven Rising.

Salt Spring Coffee French Roast Coffee – With caramel and chocolate notes, serving up this ethical, sustainable, 100% shade-grown French Roast coffee will be a real treat for your Valentine. Pair it with a Salt Spring Coffee CARE cup to really express yourself!

Southbrook Vineyards Valentine’s Day Bundle – Impress your Valentine with this romantic bundle, featuring organic and local Canadian-made wines and goods from Southbrook Vineyards, which has several sustainability certifications.

Home & Decor

Anián Recycled Wool Throw Blanket – Warm their heart with this warm and cozy recycled wool throw blanket made by Canadian circular fashion company Anián.

Goodee Mia Mini Vase Trio – Each vase in this beautiful set, available through Certified B Corp Goodee, is individually mouth-blown by expert artisans using 100% recycled glass.

Mala the Brand xoxo | mini candle gift set – Plant a tree with this trio of sweet-smelling sustainably made candles for your sweetie, hand-poured with love in Canada.

Nature Bee Valentine’s Day Swedish Dishcloth – Hearts and Stripes – These lovely dishcloths, made by an inclusive, woman-owned Canadian company, will add a sustainable touch to your beloved’s home.

Personal Care

Bottle None Travel Sets – Want to plan an adventure with your beloved? Help them prepare with these zero-waste soap and hair travel sets made from 100% recycled Canadian plastic.

Cheekbone Beauty Refillable Collection – Find the perfect sustainable gift for pampering your beloved with this refillable collection from Indigenous-owned and -operated B Corp Cheekbone Beauty.

Sisters Sage Pink Sugar Bath Bomb – From Indigenous brand Sisters Sage, these handmade, sustainable pink sugar bath bombs are a sweet-smelling gift for your sweetie.

The Yukon Soaps Company Essential Oil Blend Gift Set – Support Indigenous communities and delight your beloved with this soothing set of four natural, sustainable essential oil blends from Indigenous brand The Yukon Soaps Company.

Will You Be Our Valentine?

Are you engaging in purpose-driven efforts to make the world better? We (not-so-secretly) admire that. Contact us for a free consultation. We would love to spread the love (and impact) to your audience.

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